Actions that Can Damage your iPhone

Actions that Can Damage your iPhone

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Beware: Things and Actions That Can Damage Your iPhone

Having an iPhone is surely a matter of style and advanced user experience. At the same time, a device and its operational system have lots of peculiarities. Neglecting those may result in breaches. You may destroy iPhone, or simply decrease its performance a lot. If you are here, you are likely want to prevent all these points, right? Let’s audit all the most important points that create threats for the iPhone.

Things That Can Ruin Your iPhone Health

The main threats are related to the broken configuration of its operating system, accessing networks, and working with apps. Any OS has a basic configuration that ensures its stability and security. Breaking any of the must-have parameters may result in poor performance and even a broken device. A special point to emphasize – is jailbreaking your phone safe and why it is better to avoid it. Spoiler – no, not safe. It is always better to keep a phone configuration “as is” but support it with VeePN and other security tools. If a story goes to iOS, it is always better to avoid any modifications and updates that were not prescribed by a manufacturer.

While accessing any networks, especially open Wi-Fi networks, be attentive. Open networks can make your device a target for cybercriminals. It is also easy to get malware and spyware. To make the life of your device longer, don’t install any suspicious or excessive apps too.

What else do you need to do to make the life of your iPhone longer? Pay special attention to its battery and avoid these things.



What Kills Your Battery Health Slowly?

There is a TOP list of issues that create risks for your iPhone battery. Avoid these things in the first turn:

  • Don’t search for signals in a low signal area.
  • An excessive amount of notifications – leave those only to those you truly need.
  • Too bright screen – an option of auto-brightness is designed to ensure a balance.
  • Neglecting using lower power mode.
  • Extreme temperatures – too hot and cold are equally bad for an iPhone.
  • Continuing to charge the iPhone when it is charged already.
  • Don’t let your iPhone die. It is a bad thing to exhaust its charge totally.
  • Opening and closing apps permanently – requires lots of power and exhausts a battery a lot too.

As you may guess, it is not necessary to know special tips on how to keep iPhone battery healthy and make it work longer. It is enough to avoid doing things mentioned above only. Still, there is also an extra one overlooked point. Have you ever heard about jailbreaking?

Jailbreaking in a Nutshell

Jailbreaking is the process of expanding the facilities an iPhone has through interrupting iOS. It is aimed at installing apps other than those that were originally allowed by a manufacturer. Jailbreaking is made thanks to gaining access to the root of iOS and breaking the «jail» of its restrictions.

Originally, this process was referred more to older versions of the iPhone that had limitations for accessing the App Store and installing apps there. Jailbreaking is also frequently applied to make iOS similar to Android.  Regardless of the motivation, jailbreaking is a way a user customizes the interface of a device and installs apps that could not appear without jailbreaking.

Jailbreaking Law: What Is Wrong with It?

To make a long story short – it has lots of ambiguities. In general, jailbreaking is gray in nature as it violates the provisions of copyright laws. If you do this for your device, you automatically break a warranty also. So, you have nothing to rely on.

In the US, jailbreaking is legal to some extent. If we speak about legally acquired apps, installing these apps through jailbreaking may be allowed. But, for illegally acquired apps, this process is totally illegal. Still, in each state, the provisions of jailbreaking law vary a lot.

Safety Issues of Jailbreaking

A device always has some basic configuration. If it has been interrupted, a device automatically becomes vulnerable to external threats, like hacker attacks. A jailbroken phone doesn’t get any updates also, including those a device requires for its stability and security. A user may also face the risk of potential freezes and crashes. Jailbreaking finally increases the probability of breaking a battery or making its life far shorter.

Workable Tips to Prevent iPhone Damage

There are easy-to-follow tips to make the life of your iPhone longer:

  • Use a screen protector and keep your phone dry.
  • Avoid using open networks at all or install VeePN to hide your real IP address.
  • To secure your device, also install different antimalware and antispyware software.
  • Limit the number of apps in use to those you really need only.
  • Think about starting to charge your iPhone when you have around 40% of battery left – don’t go to zero.
  • Use such options as auto-brightness and lower power mode.

Bottom Line

Having an iPhone needs basic care to enjoy its features longer. Save its screen using a case. Charge it right. Avoid using any open public networks or install VPN tools for that. Use security software to prevent getting any malware, spyware, and similar troubles. If you can do this, avoid jailbreaking your phone. Save this article to have dos and don’ts for your iPhone always at hand.Paribahis




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